De-clutter, responsibly

Stress-free, sustainable solutions that keep your used electronic devices out of landfills.

Becoming an E-waste champion is easy

Join the movement to recycle 100% of electronic waste

Electronic waste is the fastest growing (and one of the most toxic) streams of waste in the world. Only 20% is currently recycled. Let’s change that.

We wipe your devices for free, and we do it really well

It’s part of our normal business practice to inspect all devices, and use government-grade wiping methods to delete all data off of your used devices.

Easy options to get your devices to us

We make it easy for you to recycle your used devices. Simply schedule a pick-up, post your items to us, or drop them off yourself.

Donate your smartphones to a great cause

We’re working with local organisations across London, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Swansea and Glasgow to send refurbished smartphones to those in need.

Start disposing of
electronics responsibly


What is your device recycling process?
  1. Collect – We collect unwanted IT equipment and devices from businesses and households across London.
  2. Wipe & Refurbish – 100% of data is wiped clean by leading software. Our engineers can typically repair 3 out of 4 devices received.
  3. Reuse – Refurbished devices are resold with 1-3 year warranties. Lower prices, less resources – better for the planet and your wallet.
  4. Recycle – Anything we can’t fix gets responsibly recycled by our specialised partner facilities – leaving landfills out of the loop.

*If you need refrigerators, A/C units, or white goods collected, we can only collect these items if they are in working condition, and we’ll need to charge you a handling fee.

For non-working white goods, please contact your local council, take these items to your local recycling centre. If you are purchasing a replacement, your retailer may offer a take-back option.

What electronics do you collect?

Except for non-working white goods, if it’s got a plug or battery, we’ll take it. That means we’ll take laptops, computer equipment, monitors, peripherals, audio equipment, kitchen electronics, consumer electronics, related accessories like cables and chargers, and much more.

We don’t take light bulbs or fluorescent light tubes. We can, however, take batteries if these can be separated in a bag or box.

Once back at Reconome, devices are sorted and tested, refurbished and go out refreshed and ready to be reused once again. We even sort and reuse the smallest of cables.

How much does a collect cost?

Collections start from £30 including VAT. Our prices are determined by:

  • Distance
  • Volume
  • Number of non-working items, especially those requiring specialised disposal
  • Access only available by stairs
Is your data wiping secure? Can it be done onsite?

Yes, we’ve got you covered.

A core element of our offering is our use of GDPR compliant, certified data erasure software to permanently delete all data from your devices before they are repaired or recycled.

Reconome uses Certus Software, one of only 3 vendors accredited by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to wipe PCs, laptops, and external hard disks. Mobile devices are wiped using Phonecheck. Both Certus and Phonecheck are tested and certified by ADISA.

We also provide onsite data destruction services, please speak to a team member to find out more.

Do your refurbished devices have warranties?

Yes, we’ve got you covered!

We back up our work with 12-36 month warranties. That’s longer than on most new laptops!

We’re proud of our quick service to help you work through any issues in the rare cases that they do occur.