Rethinking electronics recycling

Our mighty engineers breathe life into used devices. Purchasing refurbished electronics saves you money while doing right by the planet. Winners all around.

Recycle your electronics sustainably

We make it simple to do the right thing.

Buy refurbished devices

Phones, laptops, PCs & more – quality guaranteed, low carbon footprint.

Looking to buy refurbished devices for your business or organisation? Let’s cut your hardware costs by 1/3 and carbon footprint by 2/3. Book a call.

What we do


We collect unwanted IT equipment and devices from businesses and households across London.

Wipe & Refurbish

100% of data is wiped clean by leading software. Our engineers can typically repair 3 out of 4 devices received.


Refurbished devices are resold with 1-3 year warranties. Lower prices, less resources – better for the planet and your wallet.


Anything we can’t fix gets responsibly recycled by our specialised partner facilities – leaving landfills out of the loop.

Ready to do things differently?

Join us in the fight for a world without electronic waste

Save our world’s resources for future generations

The production of one PC takes over 191,000 litres of water, 240kg of fossil fuels and 22kg of chemicals. Buying used makes a big difference.

Measure and share your positive impact

We’ll work out your positive impact using our carbon footprint calculator and provide detailed reports to help you share far and wide.

Still on the fence? We make it easy

Our team is well-versed in everything from simple home collections to full equipment upgrades for corporations. It’s all relevant, and we’re here to help.

Guaranteed security
for sensitive data

We meticulously wipe 100% of the data from every piece of equipment we receive

We use specialised sanitisation software – and the same standards used by the UK government – to securely erase data from all our equipment.

Join these eco-heroes making a difference