Rehome your IT hardware where it will have the greatest positive impact on our community and planet.

Don’t just cut eWaste and CO2, help build us sustainable supply chains, and capture the key data your stakeholders demand.

Join these eco-heroes already making a difference

“Working with Reconome to provide affordable yet excellent quality Chromebooks in such a short time frame was crucial. They gave me the sense that they were in this for the school and pupils… I trust them.”

St Austin’s Catholic Primary School, BKCAT

“We work really hard to reduce our impact on the environment so when we found out that we could recycle our old phones with Reconome to reduce our impact even more, partnering with them was an obvious choice!”

Bates Wells

“Our team has always commented on the quality of the laptop provided and we’ve had absolutely no hardware issues so far. Seems like there is no downside to going with refurbished equipment for us.”

Green Element

The circular economy and sustainable IT

rehome your IT

Protect our world’s resources by becoming an impact champion

Cut down on eWaste
Give your equipment a second productive life and keep valuable resources in the ground for future generations

Help tackle the digital divide 
Nearly 2 million children do not have access to a laptop, desktop, or tablet at home, while 7 million people do not have internet access at home

Measure your impact
Set targets and get the insights you need to improve
year-on-year with our ESG data and reports

Give your IT a second life

Businesses choose Reconome to collect their unused IT assets because our skilled engineers refurbish and rehome 4 out of 5 devices that we receive – that’s almost 10,000 in under 3 years!

Talk to us about:

  • IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)
  • Your own device donation programme
  • ESG reporting

We wipe data to
MoD standards

Reconome works with Blancco and Certus Software, two of only three accredited vendors (NCSC, ADISA) to wipe hard disks using the Ministry of Defence standard. The entire drive is over written three times over.

Mobile devices are wiped using Phonecheck. And we’re fully GDPR compliant which means you are too.

ESG reporting you can shout about

We understand the importance of sustainability reporting to our clients and offer you ESG impact reports that include information on:

  • Contributions towards five of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Avoided CO2 emissions
  • Avoided eWaste
  • Number of devices received
  • Number of devices reused
  • Number of devices reused by high social impact segments
  • Scope 3 support (optional)

Delivering A Major Project: Community Calling

The Digital Divide now includes 7 million people across deprived areas of the UK who couldn’t access a smartphone during the pandemic. For those affected, this was causing extreme isolation and feelings of hopelessness.

So Reconome has joined forces with environmental charity Hubbub and O2 to encourage businesses to donate unused smartphones.


Which types of IT equipment do you collect and refurbish?

We focus our skill sets and partnerships on the following items:

  1. Laptops (including chargers)
  2. Desktop PCs
  3. Tablets / Mobile devices
  4. Monitors and screens
  5. Servers / Network switches

Who collects my IT equipment?

You can choose Reconome or one of our ADISA and ISO accredited partners to collect your IT equipment. Vehicles are satellite tracked, CCTV monitored (front and load bay) and driven by BPSS / DBS checked drivers. Door-to-door chain of custody with signatures is also provided.

Are you fully Environment Agency compliant?

The aim is for working equipment to be reused so we encourage all of our clients to separate non-working devices from working, and only the non-working devices will be treated as waste.

For any non-working devices, you will be provided with a Hazardous Waste Consignment Note (also serving as a Waste Transfer Note) on the date of collection in order to record the transfer of waste to Reconome.

Any equipment that is deemed faulty once received by Reconome will be disassembled, and component/raw materials responsibly recycled by an accredited Approved Authorised Treatment Facility. A record is kept for each device to show its final destination, which can be summarised in periodic reports to you.

What other records do you provide?

As soon as equipment is received, it is inventoried, and tagged for asset tracking.
For every batch of equipment received, Reconome will produce a report detailing make, model, and serials of the devices collected. This serves as official documentation for businesses to record transfer of assets, secure disposals, or update their inventory.

How secure is your data wiping?

We take data security extremely seriously and wipe all data to Ministry of Defence standards. All equipment is tagged and tracked throughout the process. We’re GDPR compliant which means you are too.

Read about our Data Security