Imagine a world free from e-waste

We’re working towards a bright future where devices are built to last and our ‘throw-away’ culture is a thing of the past. Let’s build a circular economy for electronics where nothing is wasted. It’s possible.

Why we do what we do

  • In the UK, for every single phone in use, four sit unused
  • 50% of the devices we throw away are still working
  • Electronic waste (e-waste) is already the world’s fastest growing and most toxic waste stream and only 20% is currently recycled

(Data from: Green Alliance; US EPA; World Economic Forum Jan 2019 report)

Not your average recycling company

Let’s end the act of “throwing away”.

We now know “throw-away” can mean our waste is exported illegally to less regulated countries where toxic debris piles up, human lives are endangered and valuable resources are lost.

Let’s build a circular economy, where nothing is waste

We optimise the lifecycle of your devices, so you don’t have to.

  1. Convenient collections – ensuring a wide range of devices can be cared for.
  2. Repair – our team of skilled engineers bring devices back to life.
  3. Reuse – redeploying reliable, affordable devices to schools, SMEs, and consumers.
  4. Recycling – if we can’t fix it, we’ll make sure it goes to one of our curated group of advanced recycling partners.

We are a Certified B Corp

Reconome is part of the B Corp community.

We are proud to stand among great companies like Patagonia, Danone and Triodos Bank that have met “rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency”.

Our Accreditations

Waste Carrier’s Certificate (PDF)

T11 Exemption (PDF)

ICO Registration (PDF)

Meet the Reconome team

We’re a mission-driven team pursuing a less-wasteful world, and having a good time doing it. We’re an eclectic group of parents, world travelers, and (board)gamers. These are our leaders.

Nick Rawkins

Bond trader turned waste man.

Dave Williams
Head of Operations

Living and breathing leadership in start-ups.

Fleur Durand-Smet
Sales Director

Inspiring behaviour change.

Andrei Pantazi
Chief Engineer

In-house “mad scientist”.

Vlad Filipenko

Things can always be more efficient.

Marco Bensa
eCommerce Manager

Ethical commerce.

Michele Coletti
Sustainability Manager

Academic muscle.

Want to join our team?

Tell us about yourself (please also include your CV)

Solving E-waste is a big challenge

Sustainable tech, refurbishment, and recycling is what we’re good at. We believe in the power of collaboration to solve big problems.

We’d like to join forces with :

Groups or organisations that believe in a sustainable approach to e-waste

Those who want to join us in our mission to expand the circular economy

Organisations that want to become one of our charity partners

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