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Education Technology article: St Austin’s RC School on managing IT investments differently

Rob Barraclough, Executive Head at St Austin’s Catholic Primary School, a voluntary academy and partner school in the Bishop Konstant Catholic Academy Trust, explains that when the pandemic hit and students had to work from home, many of his students did not have access to technology.

This is a short summary of the full article from Education Technology. You can also watch our video.

The pandemic, combined with the schools past experiences, drove a complete change of IT strategy to ensure universal access to devices, with recycled kit playing a prominent role. Rob explains:

“We identified that we were able to buy more Chromebooks than the equivalent in new laptops which importantly allowed us to reach all students. We also took the money saving aspect a step further, and rather than purchasing brand new, we looked into the feasibility of recycled devices from Reconome; something which we had never previously pursued yet, has since proved a smart decision.”