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Education Technology Article: The Global Shortage Of Semiconductor Chips And What This Means For Schools.

Reconome Founder and CEO Nick Rawkins spoke to Education Technology about how high-quality refurbished IT can help schools overcome laptop shortages caused by the global chip crisis

Education Technology Article

2021 has been a challenging year for many people and sectors, including the education sector. Nick explains how various factors came together to create a global shortage in computer chips that is unlikely to be resolved in the next 12 months.

Remote and hybrid learning pressures mean schools are looking to buy more IT equipment; at a time when laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, desktops and network routers are less available and affordable than ever.

More and more schools are considering refurbished IT in a bid to beat the high prices and long wait times for new laptops. Refurbished IT has come a long way. Today, high quality, reliable, business-grade IT equipment is affordable, available and often comes with a warranty.

“Schools can replace a greater amount of equipment by opting for refurbished rather than brand new… reaching even more students, especially those who are disadvantaged.”

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