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Why you should choose refurbished laptops for your school

We’ve had conversations with many schools in London and beyond regarding choosing new laptops over refurbished laptops.

Nick R.

We’ve had conversations with many schools in London and beyond regarding choosing new laptops over refurbished laptops.  Is the investment in old laptops worth an already tight budget?

Without exception, you tell us your budgets are tight and that getting them to stretch as far as possible is always a priority. So, purchasing refurbished laptops and IT devices could be the ideal solution.

On a few occasions, some of you have highlighted your concerns and doubts around choosing recycled computers as a viable option for purchase. You say refurbished IT is often not a consideration, despite the fact it will save money. You’re worried it might be a false economy and will cost you more in the long term.

As a company specialising in recycling laptops and computers for schools (and businesses), we’ve found this misinformation a concern, and we know you’re missing out on some incredible savings. So, we have made it our mission to dispel some of the myths surrounding refurbished IT devices’ purchase.

Here is a breakdown of the topics that most often come up in conversations with schools. We hope it will allow you to make future informed decisions on how to save money on your IT budget by choosing refurbished laptops for your schools:

What is a refurbished laptop, exactly?

The word refurbished can mean different things to different people.

For example, for some, the phrase ‘it could cost us a lot more in the long run as they will keep breaking down!’ will be the first thought that springs to mind when you think ‘refurbished’.

And yes, maybe many years ago, that would have been true, especially when purchasing from a less reputable company.

But advancements in technology and regulations ensure this is no longer the case.

Today, when you purchase recycled laptops in the UK, provided you choose a reputable company to work with, you are getting excellent value for money.

Your recycled laptop or computer will come in full working order, with a guarantee of quality and a warranty.

Where do the refurbished laptops come from?

We can only speak for ourselves here as each electronics recycling company will be different. Reconome works in partnership with large corporations who no longer need their old PCs, laptops, and other IT devices as they can afford to upgrade.

These companies contact us because they know we can help them achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility goals by remanufacturing or refurbishing their old IT and ensuring it is sold to schools at an affordable price.

An interesting twist is that the employees of many large corporations who have needed to work from home through the pandemic find they prefer this way of working.

As a result, many companies have elected to reduce or close office space. That means there’s a surplus of unused office tech that can be remanufactured and repurposed, so your school could have access to office-grade equipment at a fraction of the price.

But there is still a global shortage of new laptops, so if we all embrace this rethinking of electronics recycling, creating a circular economy ethos – we can all work together to beat the digital divide and allow our students to stay connected.

Is refurbished IT equipment reliable?

When a device has been restored professionally, then yes, it is.

But it’s essential to reinforce the importance of purchasing refurbished laptops and other IT devices from a reputable IT Asset Disposal company.

For example, at Reconome, our trained technicians restore IT equipment that is no longer in use, meaning we can supply fantastic, quality equipment at a fraction of the cost. Our remanufactured products are tested before they’re sold to you: and they come with a minimum 1-year warranty (often 3 years) which ensures your purchases last as long as possible.

What is the difference between Refurbished and Remanufactured?

One of the confusions you express is understanding the difference between those two terms.

Here is the industry recognised definition of both…

Remanufactured equipment includes any technological device that has been restored to its original condition through refurbishment.

Refurbishment involves a thorough check of products for defects and restores them less extensively than remanufacturing.

We usually refer to our process as refurbishing for ease of understanding as it’s a more recognised term. However, the service Reconome provide is, in most cases, ‘remanufacturing’ – even when we refer to it as refurbished.

It’s important to highlight also that the terms remanufactured and recycled are not the same as second hand. When you purchase second hand, it is unlikely your item(s) will come with a guarantee of quality, and they will rarely have a warranty.

Does a refurbished laptop always come with a warranty or guarantee?

Again, this depends on the company you use to supply the remanufactured or refurbished IT for your school.

It’s certainly something the Reconome team insist on. Each item that leaves our factory does so with a guarantee of quality and a warranty.

Why choose refurbished or recycled equipment over brand new?

Although refurbished tech tends to come in at a far lower price point than brand new, the benefits go far beyond saving you money.

It’s better for the environment as it eliminates fewer emissions than a brand new device. And there is also significant research demonstrating that the performance of remanufactured equipment is almost equal to brand new! (Estimated at 97%)

This brings us back to the original point…

Why you should choose refurbished laptops for your school

When you consider the above points, then you’ll likely agree: the evidence for purchasing remanufactured or refurbished laptops for schools is compelling.

It ticks all the boxes effortlessly by being:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Guaranteed excellent quality
  • Reliable
  • Better for the environment
  • Part of a circular economy

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you get the IT your school needs, call or email us now. We’ve helped many schools just like you, and we’re confident we can provide the solutions you’re looking for!