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circular economy

As featured in The Guardian…

We were delighted to be invited to feature in The Guardian’s Green and Ethical Checklist recently. The checklist helps guide people towards leading a more sustainable lifestyle in 2021.

The Guardian newspaper feature.

If you missed it, you can read the edited version here…

Join the fight for a world without electronic waste

Recycling is now non-negotiable for many of us at home but can be more challenging for businesses. Especially IT asset disposal. It’s often placed firmly in the ‘too difficult box’ to revisit another day. That day rarely arrives.

The Reconome team understands this dilemma. We witnessed it daily in our previous roles working within large corporations, so we joined forces to take action. Now, we make it easier for businesses to reach their sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals.

Building a circular economy

We’ve been called the Robin Hoods of IT: although rest assured, we don’t steal from the rich or wear green tights! Instead, we help you see that moving closer to a world without electronic waste is simpler than you think.

When you dispose of (or donate) your end-of-life IT assets, we data-wipe, refurbish, then remarket them at incredibly affordable prices to high impact sectors like schools and charities, creating a circular economy where nothing is wasted.

We also share the environmental impact you will make, such as the amount of carbon emissions per kg avoided by recycling your IT. And the social impact – you’ll know which school or charity has benefitted from your devices.

Their mission is ever evolving and always inclusive

We have partnered with O2 and Hubbub on the Community Calling Campaign, with a target to connect 10,000 digitally excluded individuals during the current global pandemic.

Ready to join our cause and donate or recycle your smartphones and other IT?

Contact us now to find out more.